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Reiki is a traditional Energy healing modality. Developed in Japan in the 1800's by Dr Mikao Usui.

The Reiki practitioner uses the Universal energy, to which they have been attuned to, to promote relaxation, increase healing, increase energy, balance the bodies Chakras, help to move stagnant energy, release and move unwanted feelings and so much more!

During a Reiki treatment the practitioners hands usually hover above the body while the healing energy flows through the practitioner and into the receiver. While receiving Reiki it is not uncommon to experience feelings of lightness, a surge of energy, relaxation, localised heat or tingling where the practitioner is working, feelings of being grounded, motivated, focused and so much more.

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A Shamanic Healing is a deep, powerful and intentional healing. Designed to break through blockages which have previously held you back. A Shamanic healing will bring your shadows to the light, for you to then consciously work on them- usually in a gentle yet direct way.

A Shamanic healing does not heal you, however it will help to clear the path for you to continue on your healing path.

During a Shamanic treatment the receiver would be fully dressed, relaxed and comfortable laying on the massage table. It is not uncommon while on the massage table to fall asleep, go into a meditative state, feel the presence of your guides and you may even receive personal messages, from Spirit, while receiving (usually in the form of dream state pictures)

A Shamanic treatment usually consists of the practitioner using traditional Peruvian tools, such as a rattle and a drum. This allows the practitioner to enter into a meditative dream style state to be able to receive messages and connect in with Spirit, gifting you the personal medicine in which you would need to move forward.

Reiki, crystals, essential oils, bells, crystal bowls and other sound tools are also used to move and clear stagnant energy.

A distant Shamanic treatment is just as powerful as an in person treatment.

The integration of the healing is more important than the time on the bed. A follow up email will be sent after a treatment and it is expected that the receiver will be free of alcohol and recreational drugs for three days prior to to the appointment. 

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